Private Shopping Hours at Ricki’s

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have worked throughout the pandemic and to all of you for your efforts to stay safe while we navigate through these times.

Here at Ricki’s, our mission statement has always been to meet the work wear needs of customers.  Offering affordable current fashions coupled with great fit and quality.

Although the world has changed recently, our business motto has not.  It does however require some adjustments on our part.  Thinking of this, we wanted to make ourselves available to you, as safely as possible, even during these trying times. 

We are now offering Private Shopping hours.  It’s simple, call your favourite Ricki’s store and set up a time before or after hours where you can shop by yourself, with friends, family or co-worker within your personal bubble.    

Whether you’re working from the workplace or from home, we can help to meet your needs in a safe, fun and friendly environment!

Again, thank you for all you do, we look forward to hearing from you.