Sesqui Cinematic Dome Tour is here!

 Located in the Station Mall Parking Lot
Outside of Sears / Bay Street at St. Mary’s River Drive

JULY 16-20




*Screenings from 12:00-2:00pm Tuesday-Thursday are allocated for youth groups.


SESQUI is a new and inspiring way to see and understand Canada: an immersive journey into the heart, soul and future of this great country. Powered by cutting-edge technology, SESQUI offers a revolutionary 360° cinematic experience marking Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. In 2017, SESQUI invites millions of Canadians to be co-creators of the Canada they want for the future.

Featuring the full dome screening experience along with virtual reality storytelling, interactive games and learning resources, SESQUI showcases the best in Canadian arts and innovation. By engaging with our landscape and culture of creativity, we invite all Canadians to participate in Canada 150 celebrations and to share the future that is all around us.


The film HORIZON is the showpiece of SESQUI. A 360° cinematic journey into the heart of Canada, HORIZON is a visual spectacle that celebrates the people, landscapes, and freedoms that make Canada home.

Created and captured with revolutionary 360° technology and featuring hundreds of performers from across the country, HORIZON is a sensory and emotional experience for audiences of all ages. Designed to be viewed in 360° domes, planetariums and virtual reality environments, HORIZON shows us Canada in ways it’s never been seen before.

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